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Cloud Services

Traditional IT infrastructure required each Organisation to procure their own solutions. This requires the capital expense of hardware and software licences, operational costs of support, software upgrades and patches, power and cooling.

In short, cloud computing delivers infrastructure and software as a service via the Internet or ‘cloud’. Organisations no longer purchase hardware and software but pay for a monthly subscription service.

Among the benefits realised by changing your IT infrastructure to a cloud computing model are: -

  • A reduction in the physical infrastructure cost – Zero CapEx
  • A reduction in the datacentre operating cost
  • An improvement in green credentials through the reduction of energy consumption
  • A reduction in operating costs through improved productivity
  • Easily scalable solutions
  • Removal of SLA and support headaches
  • Device and location independence


Zymbian currently provide the following cloud computing solutions: -


Microsoft Online Services - BPOS

Software-plus-services is the Microsoft approach to the next generation of online computing. Central to this new strategy is bringing together the best of cloud-based services and the software that resides on a world of devices.

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