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Infrastructure Optimisation Services

Every piece of IT infrastructure has both an initial capital expense and an ongoing operational expense so a consolidation of the infrastructure will save money. The more numerous and complicated the infrastructure, the higher the management costs associated with the ongoing support and maintenance. Adhering to the Gartner and Microsoft models for IT Infrastructure Maturity, we have termed this approach as Core Infrastructure Optimisation (CIO).

Among the benefits realised of consolidating and containing IT infrastructure through CIO are: -

  • A reduction in the physical infrastructure cost
  • A reduction in the datacentre operating cost
  • An improvement in green credentials through the reduction of energy consumption
  • A reduction in operating costs through improved productivity

Zymbian provides a number of solutions in the CIO solutions stream to help consolidate the IT infrastructure: -

Infrastructure Virtualisation

Infrastructure Virtualisation is the consolidation of the number of physical servers required to run the business by utilising virtualisation to run multiple workloads on fewer servers.

System Rationalisation

System Rationalisation is the removal of redundant hardware, software and processes that exist in most IT infrastructure sites as a result of legacy systems, home-grown middleware solutions and staff turnover.

Unified Threat Management

The goal with Unified Threat Management (UTM) is to simplify an organisation’s overall security solution. Fundamentally, this is accomplished by combining multiple functional and logical security capabilities in a single physical device.