Data Infrastructure Services

Organisations are always struggling to manage their data infrastructure, but data infrastructure is the key to making crucial business winning decisions. If the decisions are made on incorrect or 'stale' data there's a good probability that the business decision will not bear fruit or could even lead to a financial loss or a damaged reputation.


What is Data Infrastructure?

Data Infrastructure is the software and processes that organisations use to manage the flow of data from external sources to the end user. This infrastructure can comprise of data warehouses, databases, ETL, ELT, XML, data feeds, data files, batch processing, transformation services, cleansing rules, external data sources, internal data sources, etc....

Invariably, over time, organisations have a Data Infrastructure that has grown organically and been designed in isolated chunks rather that with a heterogeneous view.


Use the power of your data

Zymbian offers a range of consultancy services in the data infrastructure arena to ensure that business decisions are made based on the correct and most current data: -

Data Infrastructure reviews

One of our consultants will spend time in your organisation gathering information and produce a report on how your Data Infrastructure can be improved. The report will identify inconsistencies, redundancy and low-hanging-fruit.

Data Infrastructure design

We can design some or all of your Data Infrastructure to ensure best fit with your organsiation. We can design data integration systems and processes to ensure any new data feeds, databases, systems or processes fit into the global view of data for your business.

Database design and development

Our consultants have been designing and building databases on a wide variety of database management systems (E.g. Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase) for a very long time and have vast experience in what works and more importantly, what doesn't.

Market Datafeed reviews

Lots of organisations subscribe to data that they simply do not need. The initial datafeed specification is normally a finger-in-the-air and they company pays for this subscription from then on. We can review your existing market datafeeds and identify where cost savings can be made by removing redundant data items and reducing the subscription amounts.


What are the next steps?

Please book a session with a Zymbian consultant and we can explain in more detail the reasons why improving your Data Infrastructure is critical to the success of your business. 

To book a session, either call us on +44 (0)800 6444 550 or contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.